• SAMS Water and SAMS Waste Water


    SAMSWater helps a PWS water distribution and production system comply with federal and state drinking water quality regulations. It is a scheduling monitoring and analysis software for water quality compliance management. SAMSWastewater helps an organization manage discharge permits and product compliant reports. Read more...

     SAMS Water and SAMS Waste Water
  • SAMSWater – Pipeline Replacement Optimization


    SAMSWater Pipeline Replacement Optimization Package allows a water distribution system to optimization the expenditure on pipe replacement programs. It considers various factors such as criticality, condition, overall impact on the system, available budget, cost of improvements and asset specific information to create an optimized solution that represents the best return on investment. Read more...

     SAMS Water Pipeline and SAMS Waste Water Pipeline
  • SAMSWater – Real-time Modeling Optimization


    SAMSWater Real-time Modeling employs water Modeling algorithms to seamlessly create and manage a real-time Modeling solution that provides information about the system operations on the fly and serves as a decision support tool to lower the operational cost and yet balance that against water quality and other critical operating parameters.

     SAMS Water and SAMS Waste Water
  • SAMS Engineering Content Management


    SAMS Engineering Content Management software is an innovative management software which provides database organization for all engineering content including CAD/drawings, office documents, meetings and conversation notes and tie all the content to a geo-spatially laid out asset. It has a built-in scanning and OCR support along with ability to attach attributes on-the-fly.

     SAMS Engineering Content Management
  • SewerCAD/GEMS

    photos/NJBWeb-SewerGems.png an image only

    Users of SewerCAD/GEMS enjoy the power of analyzing and design complex sanitary sewer collection systems using multi-platform interface. SewerCAD/SewerGEMS integrates directly with ArcGIS, AutoCAD and Microstation besides having its own stand-alone interface.

  • SAMS Storm Water


    This software provides the users an ability to monitor storm water discharges in accordance with the permits. SAMSStormwater is an innovative management software solution which provides database organization for all stormwater compliance monitoring schedules

     SAMS Storm Water
  • SAMS Air Quality


    SAMSAirQuality is simple to use and continuously provides advice and alerts on where your Air Quality Permit compliance programs need to be. It manages life cycle of air quality complaints and associated tracking

      SAMS Air Quality
  • SAMS Industrial Pretreatment Program


    This software is for regulatory compliance for industrial pretreatment program for an utility. It has a built in sampling and scheduling tracker with a work flow model. It has a managed interface to allow a permit monitoring and reporting frequency definitions and built in checks.

    Industrial Pretreatment Program
  • WaterCAD/WaterGEMS


    WaterCAD/WaterGEMS are hydraulic and water quality Modeling solution for water distribution systems with advanced interoperability, geo-spatial model building, optimization and asset management tools. It provides engineers with an easy way for Modeling, analysis and design of a water distribution system.

  • Learning


    SAMS Webinars introduce various topics related to utility management including state and federal drinking water quality regulations, effluent discharge permitting, document and content management and more. These are no cost 1 hour seminars.


NJBSoft was created with a vision to provide technically advanced, state-of-the-art, value-added technological solutions to the Civil, Environmental and Municipal Engineering sector.

Key solutions offered by NJBSoft are software products related to SAMS Water, SAMS Waste Water and Storm Water regulatory compliance, among others, as well as needs-specific software development, customization, integration, training and implementation services for Civil, Environmental and Municipal engineering sectors.

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