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"Top 10 Innovative Technology Company"                      "NJBSoft LLC Named California Rural Water Association Prefferred Provider"

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NJBSoft was created with a vision to provide technically advanced, state-of-the-art, value-added technological solutions to the Civil, Environmental and Municipal Engineering sector.

Key solutions offered by NJBSoft include SAMSWater, SAMSWastewater, SAMSXConnection, SAMSEngineering Content Management, SAMSAirQuality, SAMSIndustrial Pretreatment Program, and SAMSStormwater regulatory compliance software tools, among others. NJBSoft also offers services such as needs-specific software development, customization, integration, training and implementation for all Civil, Environmental and Municipal Engineering activities.

NJBSoft industry experts include former employees of government compliance regulatory agencies, technological specialists, software engineers, and researchers. Many of our experts also work on projects with EPA and other regulatory agencies. Their knowledge, experience, education, and professionalism, coupled with hands-on familiarity with industry-specific software products, add significant customer value as a leading provider of technology solutions.