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NJBSoft-SAMS Water SAMSWater is an innovative management software solution
which provides database organization for all
SDWA Compliance monitoring schedules and more.

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An Integrated Solution for Potable Water Supply Systems.


SAMS Water is a scheduling monitoring and analysis software tool that helps water production and distribution systems comply with federal and state drinking water regulations.

SAMSWater Features

  • Automatic sample result interpretation and compliance implication feedback.
  • Automatic alerts when required monitoring is missed.
  • Automatic alerts on MCL exceedence.
  • Identify critical sampling schedules.
  • Spot and suggest potential waivers.
  • Full Microsoft Windows security and authentication integration.
  • Store your data at a single or at multiple sites.
  • Manage multiple utilities within one repository.
  • Create and manage consumer confidence reports.
  • Historical water quality trending and graphing.
  • Create user defined reports.
  • Geospatial mapping and tagging of water quality data.
  • Automated updates with regulatory changes.

Get on the right track

SAMSWater is simple to use and continuously provides advice and alerts on where your drinking water compliance program needs to be. The expert NJBSoft team will assist you with the initial setup and provide training to your staff on the most effective use of staff resources and workflow.

Monitoring and Reporting made easy

The software comes complete with step-by-step scheduling and reporting tools that help you make sense of all your data and alert you when reduced monitoring can be implemented. The background tracking function will automatically alert you when an individual contaminant is trending toward your internal goal. Generate up-to-date reports and graphics effortlessly.

Share information in a couple of clicks

Safely share SAMSWater databases through a network or over the web with other Windows users. With shared and personal user rights, you have complete control over what data you let other people see — right down to a specific result.

Intuitive design

The user-friendly software interface puts commonly used features right at your fingertips. The software is designed to allow streamlined navigation, better workflow and timesaving shortcuts. You can even customize individual user views by dragging and dropping the features you use the most. Managing all your information is simpler and more straightforward than ever before.

Built-In CCR feature

The software includes a built-in Consumer Confidence Report generator, allowing you to produce the required information for your annual CCRs. The tool allows customization to suit your specific format.

Sampling Management

Allocate resources and personnel efficiently. Be confident you’re meeting compliance monitoring frequencies with the automatic alert features. Keep track of your data and receive automatic alerts on critical sampling-related events.

Forecast and Trending Modules

Be aware of contaminants trending toward your goals. Generate data summaries, presentation graphics, and CCRs quickly and accurately. Integrate with Modeling tools to accurately forecast contaminant trending.

Data Hosting

NJBSoft offers data hosting services to facilitate sampling management for utilities without the need for dedicated resources or facilities.

Schedule Management

Create and modify schedules for sample collection based on your SDWA compliance requirements. Replicate common schedules easily for repeating time periods. Merge schedules for multiple POEs, sampling locations, or by contaminant. Full Outlook and other task management software integration.


  • Streamlined compliance monitoring.
  • Dashboard for quick system-specific compliance status.
  • Trending and charting of monitoring data.
  • Automated workflow integration and email correspondence for routine tasks.
  • Automated updates when regulations change.