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NJBSoft-SAMSXConnection Manage Cross Connection control program data and workflow. SAMSXConnection is an innovative management software solution which provides database organization for all backflow prevention program needs.

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Get on the Right Track

SAMSXConnection is simple to use software. It continuously provides advice and alerts on where your cross connection control program needs to be. NJBSoft's team of experts can assist you with the initial setup, configured for your State and Code requirements, and provide training to your staff on the most effective use of resources and workflow.

Track Equipment

SAMSXConnection enables you to manage and geospatially track equipment history and activities. It also tracks device status, violation/enforcement histories, and ollow-up resolutions.

You can track testers, their qualifications, device calibration status, and more. You can securely allow testers to upload test results, reports, and verify data.

Track Tests and Testers

You can track testers, their qualifications, device calibration status, and more. You can securely allow testers to upload test results, reports, and verify data.

Manage Libraries

Maintain and manage libraries of approved devices, testers, equipment, and other pertinent information. Libraries with built-in defaults are provided, and are user modifiable.

Schedule Management

The powerful schedule manager allows you to schedule and set up reminders on surveys and inspections, as well as receive automatic alerts and notification of upcoming requirements. It allows you to create and modify schedules for tracking backflow prevention device inventories, and their testing status. The software comes complete with step-by-step scheduling and reporting tools that help you make sense of all your data and alert you when device testing results are due, alert you when there are lapses in testers’ certifications, testers‘ equipment calibration certifications, and testing company’s insurance and licence credentials. Replicate common schedules easily for repeating time periods. Merge schedules for multiple facilities, backflow prevention device testers, or device status. Full Outlook and other task management software integration. The background tracking function will automatically alert you when specific backflow prevention devices fail routine testing, and automatically schedule follow-up activities. It will also generate up-to-date summary reports and graphics effortlessly.

Built-In Reporting Feature

The software includes a built-in Cross Connection incident report generator, allowing you to produce the required information when the need arises. The tool allows customization to suit your specific format and regulatory requirements.

Data Hosting

NJBSoft offers data hosting services to facilitate program management without the need for dedicated resources or facilities.

Intuitive Design

The user-friendly software interface puts commonly used features right at your fingertips. The software is designed to allow streamlined navigation, better workflow, and timesaving shortcuts. You can even customize individual user views by dragging and dropping the features you use the most. Managing all your information is simpler and more straightforward than ever before.

Share Information in a Couple of Clicks

Safely share program data through a network or over the web with other users. With user rights management, you have complete control over what data you let other people see.