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System Customization

GIS and SAMS model synchronization

Most modeling software is developed to serve a common need of utilities across the board. NJBSoft offers model customization service for all the modeling platforms. This customization service provides you with additional features for the model that are not available commercially. NJBSoft also offers ongoing maintenance on these products.

Though most models offer a direct integration into GIS platforms such as ArcGIS, it creates a separate GIS database from the database used by a GIS team. NJBSoft offers services to either customize or develop a workflow that will maintain the utility GIS and model (including model GIS in synchronization) , thereby reducing redundant efforts maintaining the model. This becomes a larger problem when the model is skeletonized. NJBSoft has tools and protocols that are developed to address this issue. Because this problem is generic, NJBSoft's development cost is amortized over several users and thus, available at a fraction of the cost compared to a full software development.

SCADA and SAMS model synchronization

There are over 500 types of SCADA systems available in the market, and even more ways to implement these systems. NJBSoft offers their expertise in developing or implementing SCADA system integration for an efficient use of data for modeling purposes.

Tools for custom reporting and web publishing

NJBSoft offers services for developing customized reports from a model and publishing those reports on the web as needed. NJBSoft utilizes web-publishing tools from vendors, where available, and integrates with other technologies according to the needs of the user. Where such tools are not available, NJBSoft offers their programming services to conduct these operations.