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WaterCAD/WaterGEMS - Live Training


Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2013 (Full)
Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2013 (Beginner)
Oct. 1-3, 2013 (Advanced)


202 E. Earll Dr., Suite 110
Phoenix, AZ 85012
8:30AM - 4:30PM (Daily)

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Please join us for focused, in-depth, and invigorating training session on [INSERT TOPIC].

This course is offered in a three-day Fundamental (September 29 - October 1, 2013), a three-day Advanced (October 1-3, 2013) or a full five-day (September 29 - October 3, 2013) class. These courses are structured to give you the knowledge, tools, and power to perform efficiently and accurately, every time. Thousands of modelers have benefited from this course.

This WaterCAD / WaterGEMS course was developed by the Bentley Institute and is being brought to you exclusively by NJBSoft, trainer to hundreds of utilities personnel across the United States.

Please register soon, these workshops are extremely popular and tend to fill quickly.

WaterCAD / WaterGEMS Training Agenda and Registration Instructions

This intensive training course begins with the basics of hydraulics theory as it applies to water distribution modeling, then leads students through more advanced topics such as:

  • Working with multiple scenarios and alternatives
  • Model calibration
  • Pump selection
  • Energy and cost studies
  • Extended-perikendod simulation
  • Fire flow analysis
  • Water quality analysis
  • Identifying critical links or shortfalls within a water system

Students will become familiar with WaterCAD / WaterGEMS and use the software to reinforce concepts with case studies.

Additional days cover: advanced water distribution modeling software tools for automating system calibration and design; pump scheduling; and model skeletonization.

The course also covers specific topics such as: building models from geospatial and other data sources; developing system demands from geospatial data on land use or population, etc.; importing elevation data from digital elevation models; introductory material on customizing and extending WaterCAD / WaterGEMS using WaterObjects; and also bringing SCADA data into a model. Other topics covered during the advanced portion of the class include leveraging the interoperability of WaterCAD / WaterGEMS to take advantage of the industry’s leading CAD / GIS platforms. View Full Agenda...